5 Superb WordPress Themes for Restaurants 2014

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Restaurants and other food and beverage businesses are the type of enterprise that will never be able to get away from having a brick-and-mortar presence. Just the same, even as customers can enjoy the reality of the great food and drinks you serve, they should also be able to appreciate what your business is all about, without even being inside your establishment.

You can achieve that by using any of these 10 superb WordPress themes that will help you come up with websites that can showcase all that is wonderful in your restaurant, bar, café, or canteen, enticing customers and increasing your profitability. Have fun choosing!

1. Diner

Don’t be fooled by the plainness of its name. The Diner theme is anything but plain. Through this theme, you’ll be able to highlight your menu, show your location, and allow reservations to be made easily. Enjoy the unique post types and have fun trying out the WooFramework design elements that are integral to this theme.


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2. iMenu

Nearly everything has gone digital these days, and that includes restaurant menus. Giving your customers the ability to remotely review and select from your food and beverage offerings is a snap with the iMenu theme. This theme is compatible for viewing with standard computing devices, as well as the newer gadgets such as  tablets and smartphones, and allows end-users to select their language and place orders direct from their devices.


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3. Modern Flavor

A colorful presentation of food and drinks being offered is one of the best ways to capture the attention and interest of customers. The Modern Flavor theme makes sure your site will be able to do so, through its inherent color customizability.

Modern Flavor wordpress theme

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4. Restaurante

If your restaurant is fortunate enough to have an already established name, then it’s not far-fetched for your clientele to want to make reservations so that they can be sure of being seated. The Restaurante can be relied on for bookings, as well as displaying what’s popular and desirable in your offerings.

Restaurante theme

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5. Foodilicious

Whether you are already an established player in the food and beverage circuit, or a newcomer to the field, the Foodlicious theme can easily whip up a professional looking website that can be designed according to your preferences.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 16.56.35

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Got another interesting WordPress restaurant theme to add to our list? Please leave a comment below!


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