Choosing the Right Theme for Your Website

Nowadays there are thousands of WordPress theme developers and there are easily hundreds of thousands of different themes. Each one brings something different as a feeling to the visitor, so you have lots of choices. However, which one should you go for? How can you tell which theme is going to perform the best for you? Even though there are so many choices nowadays, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed. You can easily make a choice that is going to fit your website perfectly.

Start from the Conventions

What we are going to talk about in this section is the topic of your website. I suppose that you are aware of the fact that different websites have different “golden mediums” for designs. For instance, as a photographer you are most probably going to look for a design that has lots of columns and rows so that you can have space to post all of your photographs. However, if you are a service agency, then you might be looking for something simpler that won’t overwhelm your visitors.

The good thing nowadays is that there are large marketplaces, where all of the themes are categorized and you can easily select a category. There you will find themes that are very close to what you should be looking for.

In fact, choosing the right theme for your website derives directly from you having a plan of how your website is going to present its information. Are you looking for a simple website that doesn’t have too many distractions, and a website which won’t have too many vivid colors which distract the visitor. Or do you want exactly the opposite? Do you want your website to look like the most expensive business card in the world, or do you want something that is “out of the box”? These are just some of the questions to which you should find an answer before looking for a theme.

I’ve always recommended that people sat down on their desk with nothing but a pen and a piece of blank paper. Then they should begin thinking about what they really expect from their website. Even though most of us think that we have an idea of what we are looking for, when the selection process comes – it’s very hard to choose.

Selecting the Theme

You shouldn’t settle for any average theme. You need to get one which is going to look great to all of your visitors (which in parts means that it must be responsive). These are most often the themes that are the most popular, as well as being the most sold ones. However, you will be surprised to find out how many hidden gems there are.

What I’m trying to say is that, when you start searching for themes, you shouldn’t only look at those which are being sold the most. You should also look at the new releases. There are a lot of quality themes in there, but they are just starting out and they don’t have as many fans as the big themes.

Even though this might be time consuming, at least for some of you, the end result is really going to please you. Looking through several themes, even if they are mediocre, is going to teach you how to evaluate them and quickly assess which ones are good and which ones are bad. Keep in mind the things that you wrote down on that piece of paper we talked about in the previous paragraph.

Evaluating the Themes that You Liked

The chance of you picking a single theme from all those you looked at (assuming you really looked through several different themes) are very thin. But that’s actually a good thing. If you’ve bookmarked several different themes, then you probably have a problem with choosing the best one of them.

There is a way out of these situations as well. Take a second, more thorough, look at the bookmarks. You will certainly have one or two themes that you are going to instantly write off. If that doesn’t narrow down the list of themes, you will have to create a more thorough analysis of what each theme consists of.

I’m talking about the features and plugins that are included with each theme. For instance, if you are divided between two themes, both of which you like in design, and one of them has a premium slider, while the other has two, then you should choose the second one, given that this is the only difference. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

However, there won’t be such simple comparisons. After each theme you can most often find a list of the features and plugins that are incorporated within the theme. This is where it’s going to start to matter. Often theme developers include plugins that aren’t too useful for the purpose you want to create a website for. If there are too many plugins and features that are unrelated to the purpose of the website which you want to build, then the theme is probably not a good fit. Developers include plugins and features when they are related to the purpose they have envisioned the theme in.

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