Rebloom is a beautiful theme with a sophisticated layout, not resembling anything else you’ve ever seen before. The designers have surely taken their time to come up with a concept that is entirely different and perfect for your next project. Whether it’s a business website, your personal portfolio, or a themed website, Rebloom is the perfect starting point for your idea.

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The idea of Rebloom is to give you as many options as possible. One of the best features of the theme is the bbPress support. That’s not a plugin that is used by many websites, but it does give great value to websites. The reason why bbPress is something that you should be interested in is the fact that it allows you to create a mini social network. That will always come into use when you want to convert your visitors to recurring ones. Giving them a place where they can exchange ideas an opinions always helps in creating both returning visitors and getting new ones (when a thread is shown in search engine results).

But that’s not the only good thing about Rebloom. It’s also compatible with child themes. These are very useful if you want to create a copy of the theme and apply some changes to it, without affecting the original one. Child themes are most often used for different sets of settings and design options. The PSD files of Rebloom are also included in the theme package. With those you can easily make editions to the visual elements, creating an unique websites and a much more personalized look and feel.

Why Use Rebloom

It’s a good theme, because of several reasons. The first one of them is that the theme gives you great value for the purchase. In other words, it comes packed with plugins that will otherwise cost you quite the sum of money. The first plugin included is Revolution Slider. This is the most popular plugin when it comes to creating slideshows on your website. It’s fully responsive, meaning that the slideshows will also be properly displayed on mobile devices as well. Swipe gestures are supported by the plugin.

The other plugin included in the package is Visual Composer. This is the go-to plugin when it comes to page builders. Its drag and drop interface are among the easiest to use, yet it gives you a lot of options. You can easily create custom layouts and use them for your pages. If it weren’t included in the package, it would otherwise cost you a sum of money near to the cost of the theme.

Rebloom can easily be translated into any language using the WPML plugin. It’s a great plugin to use as it greatly simplifies the translation process. You just take a string of the original WordPress and theme configuration and translate it into the desired language. The plugin will then automatically create the files that have the strings in the translated language.

The inclusion of the sample content is a feature which is often considered positive. Even though you will not use the content itself, the created pages and the layouts are what you should be importing demo content for. Just replace the lorem ipsum with your own text (and eventually the images) and you are going to be alright.


Main Features:

  • PSD files included
  • Custom typography
  • Unique navigation style
  • Social media integration
  • bbPress support
  • Visual composer
  • Revolution slider

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