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If you aren’t using WordPress, or you don’t rely on the platform as much, you should start doing so immediately. WordPress, even though in the game for quite some time, is getting better and better. While a lot of people are turning their attention the theme and plugin developers, the developers of the platform themselves are doing a very good job of keeping people interested.

WordPress currently is being used in every 5th new website. Around 10% of all websites are created with the platform. Even though it might look hard to have a “boom” and increase those figures significantly, WordPress is giving it a try.

Constant Updates

wordpress-4-0_scruberthumbnail_0WordPress is one of the few freeware platforms that are getting constant updates. The team behind it is doing everything possible to create a friendly environment for developers and, for now, they are doing a very good job.

As you probably know, WordPressr recently released versions 4.0 and 4.1. That was something that was waited for some time, and the platform didn’t disappoint.

With the new version of the platform came some updates that made user interface much more friendly (and there were lots of other behind the scenes updates that increased the efficiency of the platform). One of the most used new features (even though you might not realize it) is the instant embed preview. In previous versions of WordPress, when you embedded something, you would have to go to the preview page and see whether the element was displayed properly or not. With the new version of the platform, when you embed something – it immediately shows, in the editor. If it’s a video, you can even play it! Even though this might seem like a small change, for someone who is constantly embedding media, this is a great new feature.

Another thing that was introduced into the new WordPress version is the media managing. It has never been easier and smoother to manage your media with the platform before. The team have made it very easy to switch between different media files and edit their properties. You can easily set captions for multiple media files, without having to reload the page.

Even though this version of the platform did bring some really nifty features, WordPress 4.1 came soon out after 4.0. It introduced an improved distraction-free editor, which allowed you to begin writing, without having to worry about external things – like formatting, plugins, and blinking buttons from other programs.

One of the features, which really brings WordPress up to par with the best website creation methods, is the fact that you can log out from everywhere. This doesn’t make sense does it? Let’s say that you forgot to log out from a computer which is used by many people. Then anyone will be able to access your website’s admin area! However, WordPress saves a list of all of the devices that you have logged in from. In the admin panel, you can logout from specific devices. It’s much like the feature which Facebook has.

Themes and Plugins

We saw that the platform is doing a very good job of keeping up to par with the latest web trends. But what are the developers doing about it? We all know that without themes and plugins, WordPress is a very basic website creator.

At the moment, there are several large marketplaces, and lots of WordPress studios which are producing themes and plugins at the same time. Being in the business for quite some time, we do have to say that the quality of both plugins and themes, has risen significantly.

Nowadays themes have more features than the WordPress platform when it first started out. And most of the themes come packed with a predefined set of popular plugins – Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, and even WooCommerce. Even though this isn’t true for all of the new themes, it will apply to a good 70% of them.

There are themes that will fit any type of website. And with the improvements which WordPress is making, it’s safe to say that the platform can now support large and very large businesses. WooCommerce is proving to be the best plugin out there for creating online stores, and it hasn’t disappointed yet.

30-woocommerce-extensions (630x239)


In fact, there is a pattern which is visible in those top plugins – they are plugins which allow extensions. In a way, those plugins are working with WordPress – they provide the basic features and allow developers to create additional features. For instance, you can get a WooCommerce extension that will automatically print out labels for confirmed orders. Or you can get an extension for the plugin which will generate advanced sales reports and so on.

The case is the same with Visual Composer – you can build upon it. Even though the plugin is complete as is, the fact that you can include additional features is very good. This gives the chance of developers to save a lot of time by using WordPress and its plugins, and just writing the extensions for those plugins – adding only the features which are missing.


WordPress is a rapidly growing platform. Even though ti first started out as a blog creator, WordPress is the most popular option of marketers. It’s easy to create a website with it, and the costs of operating are very low.

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