Ten Social Media Plugins Every WordPress Owner Should Have

Social media has become more and more important when it comes to marketing campaigns. Even though SEO is still very important, social media is already breathing in the neck of that practice. Soon it’s expected that website owners will focus more on integrating their websites with social media. This is why we’ve created this collection of 10 social media plugins every WordPress website should have.

1. Social Network Tabs

This is a plugin that every website owner, who is also very active on the social media, should have. It’s great and it’s easy to use. What it does is that it creates tabs for the social media which you are registered on, and displays them on the side of every page that the visitor goes to. When they hover the tab they will see the amount of people who’ve liked/subscribed to the page, or parts of the latest content.

Premium_WordPress_Plugin_–_Soc2014-11-12_17-44-19 (630x296)

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2. Social Share Buttons

Even though most of the newer themes do offer some social media buttons, this is a plugin that takes it to a whole new level. If you want to get more fancy, or if you just want buttons that fit to your website’s design perfectly, then you should turn to the services of this plugin. It includes all of the major social media and it comes with lots of settings that allow you to customize how the buttons are displayed.

WordPress_Social_Share_Buttons2014-11-12_17-46-10 (630x296)

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3. Social Coupon

This is a really cool plugin which is mandatory for eCommerce WordPress websites. Social Coupon allows your visitors to share your content (which can be defined explicitly) and receive a discount coupon in exchange for that. This is a great way to spread the word for your business and make a sale at the same time.

Social_Coupon_for_WooCmmerce_S2014-11-12_18-55-36 (630x296)

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4. Social Traffic Pop

If you want your social media to pop up when people enter your website, or a specific page, then this is the plugin for you. It’s very easy to use, it’s hard to catch by most ad blockers, and it’s not as annoying as all of the other pop-up plugins. It kindly asks a user to like/subscribe to the social media if they want. A very sleek addon which will surely drive some social media activity.Social_Traffic_Pop_Demo_2014-11-12_18-58-56 (630x296)

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5. Like 2 Unlock

This is perhaps the plugin that will gain you the most likes in the shortest period of time. Unlocking protected content via liking/sharing is perhaps the easiest way of building a solid fan base. Many people believe that this is a much more effective way of raising a number of likes for your page, and with Like 2 Unlock, it really is.

Like_2_Unlock_for_Wordpress_2014-11-12_19-00-42 (630x296)

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6. Instagram Theatre

If you have an Instagram for your business, then this is the plugin that will allow you to create a gallery from the content that is on it. This is the easiest way of displaying your Instagram photos without having to manually import anything! Instagram Theatre is a cool plugin with lots of settings that promote personalization of the way that the gallery is displayed.

Instagram_Theatre_-_Wordpress_2014-11-12_19-07-07 (630x296)

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7. Pinterest Autopin

Pinterest is one of the most traffic-driving social networks. It might even be second after Facebook. If you want to take full advantage of that, you need this plugin. What it does is that creates Pinterest buttons when people hover over your content. This makes it instantly pinnable on the social network. The plugin is compatible with all of the versions of the major browsers and it’s responsive as well.

Pinterest_Auto_Pin_Portfolio_o2014-11-12_19-12-42 (630x296)

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8. Like to Download

This is a very nifty plugin, similar to the Like 2 Unlock one, which requires users to like a Facebook page so that the download content on the current page becomes accessible. The plugin comes with a powerful Ajax admin panel which makes it easy to configure and customize. It’s compatible with all of the major browsers, and it’s responsive.

Facebook_Like_to_Download_Demo2014-11-12_19-16-26 (630x296)

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9. Social Content Locker

This is a plugin that combines the power of all of the major social medias and it locks content until it’s shared. You can allow content to be unlocked when it’s shared to any of the major social media websites (Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc). This is more versatile due to the number of social media websites that are included and the wider audience that it potentially reaches.

Social_Content_Locker_for_Word2014-11-12_19-18-20 (630x296)

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10. Social Sprites

This isn’t a complex plugin. It just brings lots of beautiful social media buttons to your website. This is a very useful plugin to have if you’re someone who pays lots of attention to the little details just as well as the big ones. There are constant updates to the plugin which add new designs and improve the behavior of the plugin. Social Sprites is a plugin which adds more flexibility to a WordPress website.

Social_Sprites_2014-11-12_19-21-30 (630x296)

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Social media is a very important aspect of a marketing campaign. This is the quickest way of creating a large customer (or visitor) base for your website. These are ten great plugins which will help your website become better integrated with the social media. Whether you lock your content, or you include great buttons for your website, you are bound to create a larger reader base thanks to any of these plugins.



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