The Best of the Minimalist Themes for 2015

Minimalist themes are gaining more and more popularity amongst the people who are creating websites. This is so because they easily allow the reader to focus on the content thanks to the simple layout, but don’t let that fool you – minimalist themes can do just as much as the module-rich and colorful themes. We’ve compiled a collection of the 10 best minimalist themes that you can use this year.

1. Ariva

This is a minimalist theme which can be used for a business website, freelancer, agency, or even a portfolio. The design is very clean and you can choose between several predefined versions for the homepage. The admin panel pretty much allows you to configure even the smallest of details. The theme comes with Visual Composer and it is also fully responsive.

Ariva_–_Onepage_for_Team,_Band2015-01-05_11-34-37 (630x296)

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2. Creative Photography

What better than a simple theme where you can showcase your photographs. The theme really is the definition of a minimalist theme. You can easily put your photographs in a grid. Even though the design might seem simple, the theme can actually do a lot of things for you. Creative Photography is fully responsive and it displays perfectly on mobile devices.

Andy_Parker_Creative_Photograp2015-01-05_11-38-10 (630x292)

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3. Intima

If you are a freelancer looking to create a portfolio then Intima is the perfect theme for you. You can choose between 2 different navigation styles and a lot of other settings for the layout of the homepage. The theme allows you to easily upload your projects, as well as create contact forms and pages which give a little more information about yourself.

Intima_Just_another_WordPress_2015-01-05_11-41-54 (630x292)

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4. Opal

Opal’s motto is “Express Yourself!”. You can certainly do that with this great theme. It has several predefined designs which you can use, or you can customize everything by yourself trough the admin panel and the cool page builder which is included. Based on a very good framework, you can be sure that there will be regular updates, as well as responsiveness, and a powerful admin panel.

Opal_-_Prime_-_Just_another_Bl2015-01-05_11-44-12 (630x296)

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5. Artemida

This is an awesome theme for bloggers and businessmen. Artemida comes with several predefined headers and layout options, backed by a powerful admin panel. Supporting RTL and WPML, you can translate this theme into pretty much any language, in order to reach a bigger audience. Based on Bootstrap, you can be assured of the theme’s quality and features.

Artemida_Responsive_Blog_WordP2015-01-05_11-46-39 (630x296)

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6. AVA

The best way to describe AVA is to say that it is a futuristic portfolio theme which can really bring the strengths of your content out. This is a theme which has lots of features which are going to help you make the most out of your projects and help you motivate potential employers to invite you to an interview.

AVA_WP_Theme_For_Portfolios_2015-01-05_11-50-44 (630x296)

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7. Real

Real is a fully responsive minimalist blogging theme which is going to both help set the right mood for your stories, and increase readability thanks to its optimized layout. Being a blog theme, you can easily set different fonts thanks to Google’s service. Uploading a custom logo and other personalization settings are also common.

Real_Paid_Centent_Blog_Magazin2015-01-05_11-52-16 (630x296)

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8. Rabia

Rabia, in its nature, is a multipurpose minimalist theme which can be used for several different types of websites – personal, business, agency, and even portfolio. The theme is fully responsive and it’s very easy to create custom pages thanks to the page builder that comes with Rabia.

Rabia_–_WordPress_Theme_-_Just2015-01-05_12-10-56 (630x296)

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9. NiceBlog

The name of the theme pretty much says it all – NiceBlog is a blogging theme and it can really freshen up the design of your personal blog. The advanced admin panel will allow you to customize every little element of the theme, which is also fully responsive. You want a dark design? No problem, that can be done in 1 click.

Niceblog_Clean_and_Awesome_Blo2015-01-05_12-12-42 (630x296)

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10. Yokko

Yokko is a kind of strange multipurpose theme, but in the good way. With it you can create a website for an agency or create an online store. Even though these two topics aren’t very well related, you can be sure that the quality of the service is going to be very high. Yokko has a great design which is fully responsive. Sell to people who are browsing on their tablets.

Agency_YokkoYokko_2015-01-05_12-56-29 (630x296)

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These are our suggestions for minimalist themes. We’ve made sure that they are the best on the market at the moment. You will find that most of the themes are based on powerful frameworks which ensure that you will get the best service possible.

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