The Top Themes for the Start of the New Year

The New Year has come and now it is time to get back to business. And what better way to say “Happy New Year” to your visitors, than to give them a fresh new design for your website. It’s a win-win situation – you get a new theme with more features, and the visitors get a better and up-to-date design. In case you are wondering what are the top thees for the start of the year, we’ve compiled this collection.

1. Logistic

The name of the theme says it – Logistic is for those of you who are in the logistics and transportation business. This is a cool theme that allows you to create a calculator which can be used by your visitors to calculate the costs of transportation. Apart from that, you also have a very powerful admin panel which allows you to customize the outlook and performance of your theme.

Logistic_2015-01-02_20-20-50 (630x296)

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2. Ananke

Ananke is a one page theme which is perfect for portfolios and themes which are rich on visual content. The homepage slider allows you to set an image, an image which is scrolled horizontally through, or even a video. For a one page theme, the loading speeds are very fast. With the admin panel, the theme is easy to customize and it’s perfect for the start of the new year.

Ananke_-_Home_Moving_Dark_2015-01-02_20-28-47 (630x292)

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3. Dikka

Dikka is the perfect theme for small businesses and agencies. The theme comes with 4 predefined layouts which are a perfect starting point for your project. They are different and give you a different interpretation of the theme’s capabilities. The layout is fully responsive, and the theme comes with a page builder which allows you to easily create custom pages.

Dikka_–_Agency_Website_-_Just_2015-01-02_20-31-29 (630x296)

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4. Gridler

Gridler is a masonry theme for portfolios and blogs. The theme is perfect for those of you who want to update photos and images which are to be shown in high resolution. The theme also has a fully responsive layout, which means that, regardless of the display size, the theme is going to be shown perfectly.

Gridler_Just_another_WordPress2015-01-02_20-34-00 (630x296)

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5. Pagino

Pagino is a theme which has a contemporary and modern design, which is perfect for blogs, magazines, news websites, and even review websites. With its over 70 blog layouts, the theme is a perfect for those of you who like refreshing the look of their website often. The custom post formats are going to make it easy to post new content, regardless of what the purpose of your website is.

Pagino_Ultimate_Blogging_WordP2015-01-02_20-38-28 (630x296)

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6. Lambda

Perhaps you want to create an online store? Or you think about creating a website for your restaurant? Or is it that you are looking for a theme for your creative agency? Regardless of the topic, Lambda has the solution for you. This is a multipurpose theme which is already recognized by internet marketers who are using the theme on various projects.

Lambda_–_Creative_Just_another2015-01-02_20-42-47 (630x296)

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7. Crossway

This is the landing page theme which you will want to be using in the new year. It’s fast, it’s responsive, and it can easily transform into whatever you want it to look like. This is why why are recommending you this theme – it has a great design, and the execution of the functions’ code is perfect.

CrossWay_One_Page_Bootstrap_3_2015-01-02_20-47-18 (630x296)

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8. Rubbez

Rubbez is a theme for store owners who want a fresh design, complemented by WooCommerce, which makes the perfect combination for a modern online store. You can easily create custom filter settings, as well as pinpoint your offline store on a Google Map. The admin panel offers lots of customization options which is perfect for creating an unique store.

Rubbez_Store_responsive_WordPr2015-01-02_21-02-26 (630x296)

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9. FlowMaster

Since we’re on an online store theme run, we present to you FlowMaster – this is a theme which is perfect for selling technology online. The design is modern and very clean, responsive as well. With the 6 homepage versions, you have plenty to choose from. Of course, you can customize how the website looks with the admin panel and color choosers. A great theme if you want to sell technology.

FlowMaster_-_WordPress_WooComm2015-01-02_21-07-23 (630x296)

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10. Sundak

We’re going to finish this collection with a theme which has a modern design, perfect for blogs and magazines. If you have such a website, then you need to consider this theme. Not only because of the design, but also because of the fact that it has several features that make it perfect for the purpose – Contact Form, sticky navigation and sidebar settings that allow you to customize the outlook of your theme.

Sundak_Blog_&_Magazine_WordPre2015-01-02_21-08-26 (630x296)

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These are the themes that are going to kill the market in 2015. They are a perfect combination of a great design and great functionalities. These are the themes that have already made a lot of sales, regardless of the fact that they have only been around for a few weeks. We hope that they fit your idea of how your website should look.

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