Why Creating a Wedding Website With WordPress is a Great Idea

There are thousands of different themes available at the moment. They are created by hundreds of developers. This means that there is a great diversity of ideas available at the moment. Believe it or now, you can create a wedding website with WordPress – there are actually some very good themes for the purpose.

However, we’re not here to talk about how you can create a wedding website, but rather why you should create a wedding website with WordPress. At the top of our heads are things like flexibility, cost-efficiency, and customization ability.

WordPress is Cheap

Unless you are a web developer yourself, then WordPress is the cheapest way to create a website. You pay nothing for the platform. And even though you could pay nothing for the design as well, we do recommend that you got a premium theme- the difference in the quality is too obvious to pass away such an opportunity.

And themes are not that expensive either. For under $60 you will be able to get some of the best WordPress templates that are available on the market. Considering that this is a one time payment, you can clearly see why this is a better option than website builders, where you pay a fee every month.

WordPress and its Themes are Flexible

42357-wp-bThat’s the main reason why the platform has grown in popularity so much – there are so many things which you can do, without having to be an expert in coding or programming. There are two basic building blocks of a WordPress website – a plugin and a theme. There are lots of themes, and there seem to be just as many plugins.

With plugins you can give your website different features, that aren’t originally found in WordPress. For instance WooCommerce allows you to create online stores, whereas Revolution Slider allows you to create slideshows within your website.

The flexibility also comes from the fact that there are also page builder plugins available. They allow you to drag and drop modules, hence creating complex layout easily, without too much hassle. This resembles website builders too much, and since WordPress is doing it so good for a cheaper price – the platform is already taking some of the builders’ clients.

WordPress is Perfect for Event Websites

Let’s assume that you’ve gotten the perfect wedding theme. What are you going to use your wedding website as? Most people prefer using it as an invitation to the wedding. Then you will need a good homepage. That’s very easy to achieve. WordPress has numerous features, like countdowns, which allow you to count the time to your wedding down. Of course, you can also use some of the premium sliders and create a gallery of you and your soon to be spouse. Another reason why WordPress will handle your Wedding website perfectly is because it gives you basic RSVP functions. You can easily track which people are going to come or not.

Some Wedding Specific Things

WeddingForm (630x573)With the help of a few plugins, you will be able to set up a wishlist for wedding presents. Whether you want it to be from Amazon, eBay, or even just a simple list, you can easily set it up with WordPress. When people have RSVP’d for the event, they will be able to select a present which they will get for the wedding. This way, the present buying will be much more coordinated.

Also, after the wedding has passed, you will most likely want to upload the photos which have been taken at the ceremony. Or perhaps you will want other people to upload the photos that they have taken. Either way, that’s a great idea and it’s possible with WordPress.

Galleries are very easy to create with WordPress. There is even a post type that allows you to do that. You just select the photos and they are beautifully grouped. If you want to take it further, you can always get a slider plugin and display your photos in a slideshow style.


As you can see WordPress has a lot of advantages over other website creation methods. Weddings are no exception to that rule. With the platform you can easily organize a wedding, keep track of the guests and your presents as well.

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